We have a large variety of boats in our boat part from slower boats such as Picos and toppers to fast, more powerful boats such as Cherubs and Dart 18's. This means that we get a vast amount of different boats on the water allowing sailors to have a boat that suits them right. 

The boats we have at Covenham are below. Click on the boat name to have a look at the class association. 

The boats highlighted are those that the club own as club boats and can be rented out. Prices can be found on the wall in the clubhouse. If you rent a boat, please pay by either posting an enveloped cheque into the letterbox in the club or give this money to a committee member. ONLY club members are allowed to use club boats.

We also have a wide range of windsurfing equipment that can be rented out from Covenham. Please talk to a committee member about accessing this.

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