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Covenham Sailability looks at the means to include people

of all ages in watersports, by working to eliminate barriers

someone may be experiencing.

(For example, but not limited to disability, age, deprivation)

Please get in touch with Jude to discuss your specific wishes.

Contact - Judith Templeman 07733510460 (evenings please, as I work)


We can offer sailing, via Sailability, power boat handling via

Powerability and paddlesports via Paddleability.

We follow the guidance and suggested training devised

by the RYA Sailability Foundation.

To discuss the "art of the possible" and your specific needs we need to discuss and share ideas. 


Dependent on the level of disability participating in the sport of sailing can be done in a variety of ways and your skills can be developed at your pace.

We have a team of wonderful volunteers who will support you every step of the way.


If you have some experience of sailing you could sail solo in one of our various dinghies (all chosen to provide a stable and safe platform. For those less experienced we will support you to build your confidence.


At Covenham the facilities are all on one level to ensure mobility is safe and easy. 

There is a hoist for the safe  transfer of people from wheelchairs into boats as well as one in the changing room for your carers to support you if required.


All sailing kit, Waterproofs, Buoyancy aids can be provided, but you would need to bring a change of clothes and footwear. To find out more, please contact us:

email -

You can also contact us via our Sailability Facebook page "Covenham Sailability".

Sailability Leaflet (Word)

Sailability Leaflet (PDF)

Sailability Dates for 2024 

Sailability meets every other Saturday from 9.30am and we don't finish until everyone has had the experience they wish for.

Refreshments are available which includes donated cakes and so people with allergies need to be cautious and take responsibility for their dietary safety and that of the people they care for.

Please remember that you could get wet feet so we recommend that you bring a change of footwear for use when you go on a boat. Ideally soft soled shoes like trainers or plimsoles.

The weather can be unpredictable and it is always cooler when you are out on a boat so you should wear layers of clothing and a hat.

When sunny, we recommend you use sunblock to protect your skin.

Please talk to the volunteers about health conditions you live with so we can work with you to make the best of your sessions.

We have windproof and waterproof clothing for you to use as well as buoyancy aids.

  • 6th April, Registration Day, Meet the Team. 

    20th April 

    4th May

    1st, 15th, 25th, 29th June

    13th, 27th July

    10th, 24th August

    7th, 21st September

    5th, 19th October

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